Heating/Cooling Load of simple Cubic Building?

asked 2023-04-05 11:30:26 -0500

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Greetings everyone.

I couldn't find a guide on the OpenStudio.net website or other resources. Is there a User Guide and Tutorial Guide?


There is a simple cubic construction. I assigned the materials, construction and construction sets. I modeled the structure. I have attached the location and weather files.

I want to see the annual energy consumption of the building. There is only one air conditioner in this building.

I want to keep the air in the building constant at a certain degree (18 °C).

I don't have a complex model. I was wondering how it works in general.

Is there anyone to help with this?

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@dordopenstudio.net is for the OpenStudio Software Development Kit (SDK) -- the framework used to write measures for OpenStudio projects. It sounds like you're interested in the OpenStudio Application -- the graphical user interface (GUI) that allows you to define the inputs of an OpenStudio model. You can find more instructions under the "Getting Started" and "Tutorials" drop-downs near the top of that website.

Does that answer your question?

Aaron Boranian's avatar Aaron Boranian  ( 2023-04-06 08:10:40 -0500 )edit