CBECC 2022 MF RetrieveCSVValue() error

asked 2023-03-27 13:27:01 -0500

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updated 2023-03-28 11:15:59 -0500

I am getting some really confusing set of errors while trying make my mixed use 4-story MF CBECC 2022 model run. I have never seen these before, but also, this is my first model in the new CBECC 2022 this year!

(1) First one is regarding the heatpump HVAC system i set up for the dwelling units. There isn't a step which asks to choose the type for air distribution. So I am unable to figure out how to fix the following error

"Ducts required for htg & clg systems but assigned distribution system lacks ducts for HVAC system 'L1 Res One-Bed NE HVACSys' (Heat Pump Heating and Cooling System) ('p' run) evaluating run zp rule: Rule 595, 92, 'Rules_ResModelChecks.rule' Line 2287: Check for existing DistribSystem not of a ducted type but assigned to an HVAC system requiring ducts (or vice-versa)"

(2) Second one is regarding access and again, I don't know what to do about it

"Error:  RetrieveCSVValue() error: unable to open CSV file:  C:\Users\sborle\Documents\CBECC 2022 Projects\FairviewMF Test\FairviewTerrace_backup1_active - run\FairviewTerrace_backup1_active - zp-hvacSzg.csv evaluating run zp rule: Rule 50, 1, 'Rules_PostSim.rule' Line 43: Retrieve AirSys:SupAirSegRef:CoilHtgRef:CapTotGrossRtdSim from CSE sizing results"

Anyone been here before? Just a heads-up, because I am testing if the set-up is all fine, only one floor has been modeled. I have tried deleting the HP system for dwelling unit and recreating it and reapplying it, and also tried saving a new copy in a new folder that is located in the CBECC 2022 Projects on C Drive. How do I solve these errors?

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