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Hi, I have a model measure that adds a PlantComponent:UserDefined object to an openstudio model. One of the actuators for this object in EnergyPlus is the 'Component Zone Internal Gain' actuator, used to model skin losses and assign them to an ambient zone as an internal heat gain rate. This actuator seems to be missing in the API documentation for the PlantComponent:UserDefined object. In IDF the defintion of this actuator would be :

Q_sens_HL,               !- Name
PCUD1,          !- Actuated Component Unique Name
Component Zone Internal Gain,  !- Actuated Component Type
Sensible Heat Gain Rate; !- Actuated Component Control Type

I know that in an Energyplus measure, adding the actuator would look like :

string_objects = [] 
string_objects << "
    Component Zone Internal Gain,
    Sensible Heat Gain Rate;
string_objects.each do |o|
idfObject = OpenStudio::IdfObject::load(o)
object = idfObject.get
wsObject = workspace.addObject(object)

However, I have a model measure, I tried replacing 'workspace' by 'model' didn't work. Is there a way to inject this object automatically from within the model measure?

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