Control of a PlantComponentUserDefined object in Openstudio

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I wrote a measure that automatically adds a PlantComponentUserDefined (PCUD) object in Openstudio. The object is modeling a storage system that can be connected to a hot water loop. Whenever this object is added alongside another heating equipment such as a boiler, and without adding setpoint manager at the oulet node of each component, two opeartion schemes are created by default, PlantEquipmentOperation:HeatingLoad for the boiler and PlantEquipmentOperation:Uncontrolled for the PCUD object. The results is a PCUD object that won't turn on. This doesn't happen if the second equipment was another boiler. Is there a way to make OS recognize a PCUD object as a heating device so that it can be assigned by default to the heating equipment list alongside the boiler? I know this could be done through the SDK by defining PlantEquipmentOperation:HeatingLoadand assigning the load ranges to the different equipment in the loop but my aim is to not have this done by the user, I want the PCUD to be added just like a 2nd boiler. Any ideas?

C:\fakepath\loop.png C:\fakepath\control.png

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