Clarification on Surface Outside Face Temperature Output Values

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Hello everyone

I ran a simulation of my model and set the Surface Outside Face Temperature of a wall named Int_Wall as the output. I obtained two values, which are highlighted in yellow, corresponding to the iz-INT_WALL area and green corresponding to the INT_WALL area (Figure 1), and both have diffrent value (Figure 2).

In EnergyPlus InputOutputReferance the Surface Outside Face Temperature is defiened as the temperature of the surface’s outside face which in my case is the INT_WALL area. However, I'm unsure what the iz-INT_WALL area temperature refers to. Could you provide more context or information about this term?

Thank you.


When I check the results I found that

INT_WALL:Surface Inside Face Temperature = iz-INT_WALL:Surface Outside Face Temperature

INT_WALL:Surface Outside Face Temperature = iz-INT_WALL:Surface Inside Face Temperature


Figure 1

image description

Figure 2

image description

Figure 3

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