Why am I unable to assign labor/material cost information to finished/unfinished attic insulation within the Options Manager of BEOpt? [closed]

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updated 2023-02-27 09:08:26 -0500

Hello, I cannot load any cost information for the attic insulation section of BEOpt within the Options Manager. Seems like there wasn't any cost info there to begin with, and when I went into the Options Manager to add some in, this error message popped up:


The following application error has occurred in BEopt v3.0.0.0.  Please report this to the BEopt development team and restart the application.

database disk image is malformed
database disk image is malformed

Stack Trace:
   at System.Data.SQLite.SQLite3.Reset(SQLiteStatement stmt)
   at System.Data.SQLite.SQLite3.Step(SQLiteStatement stmt)
   at System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteDataReader.NextResult()
   at System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteDataReader..ctor(SQLiteCommand cmd, CommandBehavior behave)
   at System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteCommand.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior behavior)
   at System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteCommand.ExecuteNonQuery(CommandBehavior behavior)
   at System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteCommand.ExecuteNonQuery()
   at NREL.BEopt.BEoptCommon.DBObject.Save(SQLiteCommand cmd, IList`1 saveParams, IDictionary`2 IDs, IDictionary`2 NewIDs, Boolean SupressDeletedRowsCheck) in C:\git\beopt\Source\BEoptSettings\Database\DBObject.cs:line 238
   at NREL.BEopt.BEoptCommon.DBLibraryObject.Save(SQLiteCommand cmd, IList`1 saveParams, Guid NewID, Boolean SupressDeletedRowsCheck) in C:\git\beopt\Source\BEoptSettings\Database\DBObject.cs:line 336
   at NREL.BEopt.BEoptCommon.DBLibraryIsolatedObject.Save(IList`1 saveParams, Guid NewID) in C:\git\beopt\Source\BEoptSettings\Database\DBObject.cs:line 382
   at NREL.BEopt.ObjLibCS.EconomicProperty.Save() in C:\git\beopt\Source\BEoptObjLibCS\Measures\EconomicProperty.cs:line 258
   at NREL.BEopt.ObjLibCS.Option.Save() in C:\git\beopt\Source\BEoptObjLibCS\Measures\Option.cs:line 678
   at NREL.BEopt.UICS.OptionEditor.btnOK_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) in C:\git\beopt\Source\BEoptUICS\OptionEditor.cs:line 778


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@danielsalinas96 it looks like you closed your own question because it was a duplicate. Did you find another post that answered this question? If so, please leave a link to it so that others can find that post.

Aaron Boranian's avatar Aaron Boranian  ( 2023-02-27 09:09:17 -0500 )edit

Yes, here is the post that ended up resolving my problem: https://unmethours.com/question/32655...

Issue stems from enabling shared folders within Parellels Desktop on MacBook.

danielsalinas96's avatar danielsalinas96  ( 2023-02-27 09:13:58 -0500 )edit