Unable to add ruleset who's type is fractional in openstudio model using SDK [closed]

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new_schedule = os.model.ScheduleRuleset(model1) new_schedule.setName("New Schedule") schedule_limits = os.model.ScheduleTypeLimits(model1) schedule_limits.setName("New Schedule Type Limits") schedule_limits.setUnitType("Fractional") display=schedule_limits.unitType() print(display) schedule_limits.setLowerLimitValue(0.0) schedule_limits.setUpperLimitValue(1.0) new_schedule.setScheduleTypeLimits(schedule_limits) hourly_values = [0.0] * 24 hourly_values[8:18] = [1.0] * 10 schedule_day = os.model.ScheduleDay(model1,24) schedule_day.values = hourly_values print(schedule_day.values)

This is my code that adds a schedule and i want to assign it type fractional, but it returns dimentionless when printed

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Duplicate of this post.

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