Controlling water heating coil from EMS

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Hi, I have a simple model where I am trying to control the flow rate of an air heating water coil from the python EMS. I generated an EDD file and searched for an actuator that I could link from python to control the water flow rate in the coil. However it doesn't seem to be an available actuator for controlling the flow rate. This is the only actuator I found for the coil "HW HTG COIL":

EnergyManagementSystem:Actuator Available,HW HTG COIL,Plant Component Coil:Heating:Water,On/Off Supervisory,[fraction]

I can also see that in the IDF file, the coil is controlled with a Controller:WaterCoil object:

  Air Loop HVAC 1 Controllers,            !- Name
  Controller:WaterCoil,                   !- Controller Object Type 1
  Controller Water Coil 1;                !- Controller Name 1

  Controller Water Coil 1,                !- Name
  Temperature,                            !- Control Variable
  Normal,                                 !- Action
  Flow,                                   !- Actuator Variable
  Node 38,                                !- Sensor Node Name
  Node 39,                                !- Actuator Node Name
  0.001,                                  !- Controller Convergence Tolerance {deltaC}
  0.0004,                                 !- Maximum Actuated Flow {m3/s}
  0;                                      !- Minimum Actuated Flow {m3/s}

However I don't seem to find a reference to this controller in the EDD file.

Is there a way to control the flow rate of a water heating coil of type Coil:Heating:Water object from python EMS?

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