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Fatal: Error in Reading Weather Data

asked 2023-02-13 20:59:24 -0500

krkh-1702's avatar

updated 2023-02-15 15:22:46 -0500


I am trying to run an energy simulation using OpenStudip-HPXML, but I get a fatal error. On checking the eplusout.err log file, it says the following:

Program Version,EnergyPlus, Version 22.1.0-ed759b17ee, YMD=2023.02.13 21:27,
** Warning ** PerformancePrecisionTradeoffs: Carroll MRT radiant exchange method is selected.
** Warning ** ProcessScheduleInput: Schedule:Constant="ALWAYS ON CONTINUOUS", Blank Schedule Type Limits Name input -- will not be validated.
** Severe  ** Invalid Date info in Weather Line
**   ~~~   ** Entire Data Line=2022.0,1,1,1,0,?9?9?9?9E0?9?9?9?9?9?9?9?9?9?9?9?9?9?9?9*9*9?9?9?9,12.38500690460205,6.9905566167272655,69.65528106689453,97269.015625,0,0,292,0,0.0,0,0,0,0,0,110,0.3711966276168823,0,0,16.0,77777,9,999999999,150,0.047,0,88,0.2,0.0,1.0
**  Fatal  ** Error in Reading Weather Data
...Summary of Errors that led to program termination:
..... Reference severe error count=1
..... Last severe error=Invalid Date info in Weather Line
************* Warning:  Node connection errors not checked - most system input has not been read (see previous warning).
************* Fatal error -- final processing.  Program exited before simulations began.  See previous error messages.
************* EnergyPlus Warmup Error Summary. During Warmup: 0 Warning; 0 Severe Errors.
************* EnergyPlus Sizing Error Summary. During Sizing: 0 Warning; 0 Severe Errors.
************* EnergyPlus Terminated--Fatal Error Detected. 2 Warning; 1 Severe Errors; Elapsed Time=00hr 00min  0.18sec

image description

Thanksimage description

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@krkh-1702 it looks like your image did not attach correctly, can you please try again?

Aaron Boranian's avatar Aaron Boranian  ( 2023-02-14 17:06:44 -0500 )edit

Just edited to add the image!

krkh-1702's avatar krkh-1702  ( 2023-02-15 15:23:10 -0500 )edit

2 Answers

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answered 2023-02-15 09:49:54 -0500

Seems like a similar error as reported here. In that case, the issue was that "we’re writing the year as a float value (2001.0) instead of an integer value (2001)". So it looks like you need the line to start with "2022" instead of "2022.0".

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Thanks for the reply! I checked the EPW file by loading it in excel, and the year column holds integers, not floats, so this should not be the issue.

krkh-1702's avatar krkh-1702  ( 2023-02-15 14:48:08 -0500 )edit

Excel sometimes applies formatting to what it displays. You need to look at the file in a text editor.

shorowit's avatar shorowit  ( 2023-02-15 14:50:54 -0500 )edit

You were right! Notepad++ was able to capture the issue; thank you so much! Any tips on how to solve this optimally? I tried to convert the year column into number in excel and made sure there were no decimal points. But I get the following error:

[17:40:01.340453 ERROR] D:\OSN\src\utilities\filetypes\EpwFile.cpp@2553 : EpwFile 'C:/Users/kkhar/Downloads/OpenStudio-HPXML-euss.2022.1 (1)/OpenStudio-HPXML-euss.2022.1/workflow/Phoenix_Arizona/upgrade0/bldg0000578-up00/Phoenix_MPI_2020_2039_edited.epw' cannot be processed
krkh-1702's avatar krkh-1702  ( 2023-02-15 16:52:23 -0500 )edit

@krkh-1702 it might be safer to open the EPW in Notepad++, search for "2022.0", and replace ALL with "2022". If Notepad++ doesn't have a 'replace all' feature, then you can use Visual Studio Code as an alternative text editor. As @shorowit mentioned, Excel applies formatting in strange ways, so converting the year column into a number perhaps affected the way EnergyPlus reads the EPW.

Aaron Boranian's avatar Aaron Boranian  ( 2023-02-16 09:32:44 -0500 )edit

Great, I will try this out!

krkh-1702's avatar krkh-1702  ( 2023-02-16 12:01:18 -0500 )edit

answered 2023-02-15 09:12:34 -0500

lklawrie's avatar


* ~~~ * Entire Data Line=2022.0,1,1,1,0,?9?9?9?9E0?9?9?9?9?9?9?9?9?9?9?9?9?9?9?999?9?9?9,12.38500690460205,6.9905566167272655,69.65528106689453,97269.015625,0,0,292,0,0.0,0,0,0,0,0,110,0.3711966276168823,0,0,16.0,77777,9,999999999,150,0.047,0,88,0.2,0.0,1.0

It's trying to tell you this is a line in error. Should be year,month,day

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