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Missing ExampleFiles

asked 2023-01-25 11:57:12 -0500

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Sorry for the beginner's question. ExampleFiles.html shows EnergyPlus Example File Summary. Some example files with filenames beginning with an underscore such as "_ElectricREformulatedEIRChiller.idf" are listed at the end of the summary, but I can't find those example files in C:\EnergyPlusV22-2-0\ExampleFiles. Where can I find them?

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answered 2023-01-26 09:42:41 -0500

My guess is that they are intentionally not packaged and were not meant to be included in the HTML file. I filed a bug report.

That said, you can find the files on the EnergyPlus GitHub page -- scroll to the bottom of here and you will find the files that start with underscores.

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Thanks! I changed the Version from 23.1 to 22.2, and the files worked. Are they not packaged because they are still in progress? I looked into _ElectricREformulatedEIRChiller.idf. The file has Chiller:ConstantCOP and DistrictCooling, but they are not used (PlantEquipmentOperationSchemes does not include them).

Keigo's avatar Keigo  ( 2023-01-28 09:29:54 -0500 )edit

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