BEopt v3 MF modelling?

asked 2023-01-18 14:00:17 -0600

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updated 2023-01-18 14:23:28 -0600

There's a line on the BEopt web page describing the removal of modelling multifamily buildings as a new "capability"

The switch from modeling entire multifamily buildings to individual dwelling units

But I seem to be missing something, because I don't see how this helps the user. Are we now expected to generate separate model files to evaluate each apartment in a 30-unit building? How is that supposed to work for optimization, where (more or less) uniform options (esp. shell) should/would be used throughout a building? BEopt v2.8 already generated unit-level and building-level results,** and it's not clear from this description or the help file how one is meant to obtain equivalent behavior/results from version 3 without a lot more effort.

However, even with much more effort by the user to model each unit, I don't see how one can readily synchronize the optimizations across units... After all a top floor corner unit could optimize to have much more continuous wall insulation compared to a middle floor unit with only one exposed wall, yet you wouldn't want the wall detailing to vary from unit to unit, it would make for a very funky facade. The current per-unit approach also seems to mandate that every apartment have an ambient door, whereas in a building-level design under v2.8 it was possible to have entry via access corridors, which is much more common in larger buildings or colder climates.

** The latter being much more useful IMHO, but both were there to suit everyone's needs.

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