Technical Problem in Changing the simulation tab output values by changing the input values of the location template in design builder software [closed]

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Hi Sir/Modom;

I want to do energy modeling of my desired building in the design builder software. However, I encountered a major and serious problem in the software.

1- By changing the values of maximum and minimum temperature as well as wind speed, in the location template of the software, instead of applying the changes in the heating and cooling design tab, these changes are also applied in the simulation tab. That is, by changing the weather parameters in the location template, the cooling and heating load output values are also applied in the simulation tab, and this should not be the case.

2- By reducing the temperature and increasing the wind speed in the location template, the amount of heat consumption in winter decreases (in the simulation tab). And it is obvious that this amount should increase and the opposite happens in summer.

3 - The output values in the simulation tab should be affected by weather data (epw file) and not change by changing the values related to the location template.

I should say that I am using a HVAC system. Logically, the amount of heating consumption should increase with the increase of wind speed in winter, but this amount has decreased. and logically, no matter how much the software changes the size, the heat consumption must still increase. Please let me know if there are any settings to fix this problem. Because I check different systems in different conditions, these settings need to be implemented correctly.

Please help me to solve this problem.

Best Regards*

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Duplicate of this post.

@behmoonesi in the future, you can edit your original post to add more details to your question -- you don't need to make a new post.

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