Walk-in Air-Chiller Warning

asked 2023-01-13 05:42:22 -0500

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Hello everyone

I'm trying to simulate a cold room using the Air-Chiller object, and I'm getting this warning. I want to know if this will affect the results. If so, how can I solve it?

Thank you very much.

===== Recurring Error Summary =====

The following recurring error messages occurred.

* Warning * Refrigeration:System chilling WarehouseCoils FREEZER SYSTEM - Refrigeration system unable to meet load of warehouse coils chilled by system ... continues by derating coil load

* ~~~ * This error occurred 145 total times;

* ~~~ * during Warmup 125 times;

* ~~~ * during Sizing 0 times.

Air-Chiller object input data

image description

Compressor object input data

image description image description

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