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BEopt component load

asked 2023-01-12 14:39:54 -0500

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I am using Ver 3. I just noticed that the sum of heating component load is much greater than heating delivered load. And same thing for cooling. My "loads not met" is 0 hour. Doesn't it mean the sum of component load should be less than the load delivered? Also, if they are different, does output have the sum of component load anywhere? It's not convenient if I just want to check the load. thanks

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Can you provide your BEopt project file via, e.g., Google Drive or Dropbox?

shorowit's avatar shorowit  ( 2023-01-12 19:31:51 -0500 )edit

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answered 2023-01-27 11:03:00 -0500

Without your project file or a screenshot, it's impossible to know what you're seeing.

It is true that the sum of component loads will not exactly equal the delivered load. The component loads are estimations based on instantaneous heat transfers. As an example, for any given timestep in EnergyPlus, any solar gains are counted in the component load, but not all of that solar energy is immediately seen by the HVAC system; some is absorbed by the thermal mass of the building and there is a time lag until that energy is seen by the HVAC system. So the delivered energy by the HVAC system is not perfectly aligned with how component loads are estimated.

On the other hand, it's possible that you are just being confused by the fact that some of the component loads can be negative. Those component loads below the x-axis are negative:

image description

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Asked: 2023-01-12 14:39:54 -0500

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