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UnmetHours site feels slow

asked 2023-01-09 04:24:44 -0600

Petros Dalavouras's avatar

Is it me or unmethours site feels a bit slow lately? Some questions take quite a while to open both from my phone and my PC

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Same here. Both laptop and mobile. Many questions take ~30 secs to access, some ~60 secs. For about a week or 10 days or so.

Denis Bourgeois's avatar Denis Bourgeois  ( 2023-01-09 06:25:10 -0600 )edit

Yes, painfully slow at times. @Aaron Boranian is Big Ladder planning to address this?

shorowit's avatar shorowit  ( 2023-01-10 12:00:19 -0600 )edit

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answered 2023-01-11 11:25:35 -0600

updated 2023-01-11 11:27:28 -0600

@Petros Dalavouras @Denis Bourgeois @shorowit thanks for your feedback. We noticed this as well, and have discovered that the "Related Questions" portion of the right sidebar was taking a VERY long time to filter the 10k+ questions to find the list of "most related" questions to the post you were viewing/opening. We have temporarily disabled that portion of the sidebar, and now the site feels more responsive in our testing.

We will try to re-enable the "Related Questions" portion of the sidebar after optimizing that "Related Questions" query or reducing the number of questions on the forum (close duplicate posts, etc.).

We have also improved our detection of spam bots creating new posts, which has reduced that load on the servers as well.

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Thanks Aaron, it definitely seems more responsive now!

shorowit's avatar shorowit  ( 2023-01-11 11:31:52 -0600 )edit

Yes, working great!

Denis Bourgeois's avatar Denis Bourgeois  ( 2023-01-11 17:05:40 -0600 )edit

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