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OpenStudio ver3.3.0 & Online BCL where are Crawlspace Assy?

asked 2023-01-07 17:43:24 -0600

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updated 2023-01-09 09:49:11 -0600

Hello, I am not seeing any Construction Assemblies for "Floor Above Crawlspace" when viewing in the Online BCL? Just wondering if anyone has created this construction assembly already?image description

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1 Answer

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answered 2023-01-13 20:08:39 -0600

It doesn't seem like there are any components of that type published on the BCL. You might find some relevant data in the OpenStudio Application Resource files installed at "C:\openstudioapplication-1.5.0\Resources". You might also be able to use one of the OpenStudio Model Articulation Measures to generate a code baseline building and use that as a source for constructions.

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