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Title 24 EnergyPro Zoning

asked 2023-01-04 16:27:33 -0500

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updated 2023-01-18 14:03:53 -0500

I'm working on a Title 24 compliance model in EnergyPro for a 5-story multifamily building and I'm wondering what level of detail I need to include when it comes to zoning - is apartment-level zoning okay or do I need to distinguish individual rooms within each apartment?

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1 Answer

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answered 2023-01-05 17:49:56 -0500

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In General, apartment level should be fine, in fact, groups of apartments subject to the same interior and exterior conditions (e.g. all dwelling units with similar orientations on the same floor) should also be fine (and save lots of set up and processing time). Check out the ACM reference manual more details on exactly what is required:

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