Airflow network with distribution results!

asked 2022-12-10 22:58:56 -0600

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updated 2022-12-11 13:36:46 -0600


I am modeling a multi-zone multi-airloop building with unconditioned plenum. I have created an airflow network firstly without distribution. The results looked fine compared to the actual measured data. However, the attic temperatures from the simulation were higher than the measured one. Since this is a research project, we are trying to include the ducts in the model with this assumption that the ducting system has a considerable affect on the plenum temperature. I added a simplified ducting system to the airflow network distribution section. It runs with no error. All the settings are similar to the E+ examples. Strangely, now the unconditioned plenum temperatures are much lower than the without distribution simulation and the actual measured data, very close to the conditioned zone below. I tried a lot to find this big mismatch between airflow network without and with distribution yet I don't know the reason! Any help would be appreciated.


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