Airflow between two zones using ZoneVentilation:WindStackOpenArea

asked 2022-11-13 15:56:34 -0600

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updated 2022-11-14 09:30:16 -0600

I know a lot has been said about modelling airflow through windows and doors, but i want to ask a very specific question. Is it possible to model airflow between two zones(Not between a zone and ambient). Let us say i have an opening on a door between two zones and i want to model the effect of airflow on the ON and OFF cycles of the HVAC, is it possible to do this using ZoneVentilation:WindStackOpenArea? The airflow network seems a bit complex for me that is why i am trying to avoid it at the moment.

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Seems like the same question as this.

shorowit's avatar shorowit  ( 2022-11-14 09:34:44 -0600 )edit

Thanks @shorowit

Kaycee_fresh's avatar Kaycee_fresh  ( 2022-11-14 15:30:03 -0600 )edit