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Older measures no longer working in OS

asked 2022-10-18 16:17:39 -0500

I have a catalog of measures that were developed before OpenStudio changed hands to the OpenStudio Coalition, but some no longer function. A few give me the 'broken code' red icon, but some simply do not initiate the measure. Even some simple functions, like hardcoding VAV box min flow fractions, no longer work. So there must be some sort of nomenclature change that keeps the measures from initiating.

Does anyone have any resources for troubleshooting what the issue(s) may be? There is nothing addressing custom measure incompatibility on the website.

Thank you!

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It is likely due to the newer version of EnergyPlus in newer versions of OS. Since you asked for resources for troubleshooting, you can check the EnergyPlus documentation and compare old version vs new version. Or, you can hire the good folks at BigLadder to help.

egillmor's avatar egillmor  ( 2022-10-21 08:59:15 -0500 )edit

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answered 2022-10-19 10:12:14 -0500

For reference, the OpenStudio Application and the SketchUp Plugin are now maintained by the OpenStudio Coalition, but the OpenStudio Software Development Kit (SDK) is still developed by NREL and other DOE labs. I suggest you get the measure from the Building Component Library (BCL), and make sure to check for updates. If you are using the OpenStudio Application the BCL is accessible from within the application.

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That is good to know about the SDK. Unfortunately the BCL still has extremely limited availability of useful measures, so I tried my hand at developing a number of custom measures a few years ago. I am by no means an expert though, hence my current issues.

jraz1102's avatar jraz1102  ( 2022-10-19 10:52:33 -0500 )edit

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