Green Hydrogen Onsite Renewable Electric Load Centre Design Builder

asked 2022-10-10 16:52:56 -0500

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updated 2022-10-11 08:20:04 -0500


Has anyone successfully modeled a stationary hydrogen generator in Design Builder for onsite renewable energy? Either by creating custom electric load centre templates or EnergyPlus Energy Management System (EMS) scripts. Trying to avoid using another program like TRNSYS.

Need to run simulations for two building hydrogen energy systems: 1. PV Solar Panels + Electrolyzer & Hydrogen Fuel cell ( For Electricity Generation only, no heat exchange/DHW ) 2. Trigeneration System combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP.) ( Renewable Biogas feed Stock + Fuel Cell Power + Heating and Cooling )

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Hi James.

I was curious if you have modelled the trigeneration system successfully? I was also trying to model trigeneration system but in actual case all electric load is met by the gas generator while on successful simulation runs the reports shows the lighting load, equipment load, fans, Pump loads are all under the electricity kWh (means they are met by the grid). How can I shift the electric load from utility grid to generator?

raheel's avatar raheel  ( 2023-11-26 23:47:57 -0500 )edit