Systematic approach to solve warnings and errors

asked 2022-10-06 08:24:56 -0600

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This is more of a forum meta question, but I have not been able to find any pattern on where and how to solve warnings and errors that occur in E+. I would think that there is at least some documentation somewhere with pointers for each type of warning and error (some of which don't make any sense for a beginner like myself). I didn't see a link to documentation in the error readout that might have directed to common causes for these warnings and how to solve them.

In addition, let's say I want to post about my warning/error - should there be a standard format so that it is easier and more efficient for one to look up whether someone before them has already encountered the same warning or error? E.g. format including

* Warning * GetInternalHeatGains* (i.e. the header)

and then the first line of the body being:

* Warning * GetInternalHeatGains: People="PRIMARYSCHOOL CLASSROOM PEOPLE 6" has comfort related schedules but no thermal comfort model selected. * ~~~ * If schedules are specified for air velocity, clothing insulation, and/or work efficiency but no thermal comfort * ~~~ * thermal comfort model is selected, the schedules will be listed as unused schedules in the .err file. * ~~~ * To avoid these errors, select a valid thermal comfort model or eliminate these schedules in the PEOPLE input.

Any thoughts on this?

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