Building cooling load profile and kW power consumption

asked 2022-10-03 07:52:57 -0600

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I am looking for a way to get an approximate building cooling load profile (sensible and latent) from kW power consumption profile. I have sufficient information about the plant (RTU capacities, fan curves, controls, set-points etc) to build the plant model but have a limited information on building. The total on-site electricity consumption profile (time-series data) is available. I plan to use calculated building cooling load profile with plant model developed in Modelica.

I am using following formula for each time record available in electricity consumption profile in summer, to get the building cooling load:

  1. building sensible cooling load = COP (f(T_AMBT)) *
    [ instantaneous total building electricity consumption (measured value) -
    { lighting (calculated by W/sqft * sqft) + plug loads (calculated by W/sqft * sqft) + ventilation load (f(OA_CFM, T_AMBT, T_Sup)) + fan kW (f(SA_CFM)) } ]

  2. building latent load = f(approx. occupancy profile)

in above equations,
* measured timeseries values -> T_AMBT(t), electricity consumption(t)
* assumed values -> lighting W/sqft, plug load W/sqft, occupancy(t)
* fed from Modelica model -> OA_CFM(t), SA_CFM(t)

Is there a better way to get an approximate building cooling load profile from total electricity consumption profile of the building?

Is there any research (data-driven or physics based) available on this?

Basically, I am looking for an alternative function in the form
building sensible cooling load (t) = f (electricity kW consumption (t), T_AMBT(t), ....generalized values with reasonable approximation )

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