View EMS output variable in Openstudio

asked 2022-10-01 11:54:25 -0600

HoussemYounes's avatar

updated 2022-10-03 15:59:52 -0600

Hi ,

is it possible to view my custom EMS output variable in Report: Openstudio Results section ?

here is what I'm using in the measure to ouput the variable

  eout_average_core_temp =, average_core_temp)
  eout_average_core_temp.setName('Average Core Temperature')
  v =, model)
  v.setName("Average Core Temperature [C]")
  v.setVariableName('Average Core Temperature')

I can't see the timeseries variable in Openstudio or the eso file in the run folder. what am I missing?

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