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jEplus+EA not progressing the simultion

asked 2022-09-24 19:20:46 -0600

updated 2022-09-26 13:57:31 -0600

I am new and tried every possible measure to run the simulation but failed. While doing the tick mark in the simulation manager, the simulation does not progress. it is stuck at 0% progress. I was using the Example file shown in the youtube video - "jEplus+EA Introduction and the example project".

The command prompt shows -

2022-09-25 00:28:44.370 [AutoCheckTask] DEBUG com.ensims.jeplusea.OptManager - Simulation request received for Copy of Project-2022-09-24_16.02.11 batch Gen-0 (15 jobs)
Exception in thread "AutoCheckTask" java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "javax.script.ScriptEngine.eval(String)" because "engine" is null.

I do not understand what is missing in my input. Please help. Can the long name of folder cause this issue? I have tried to run E= version 8.9 which runs okay.

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2 Answers

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answered 2022-11-29 01:19:08 -0600

HE Shi's avatar

Maybe the Java version is wrong. It should be run in java8 environment.

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answered 2022-09-27 03:22:09 -0600

qirachel's avatar

If it is caused by the long name of the folder, the error would be: cannot find the path of the folder. I think your problem is more related to the @script function for pre- or post- processing of variables and results. I would suggest you go check if you have defined the script function and added the path to jEplus

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