Simulating rooftop evaporation

asked 2022-09-19 14:00:36 -0600

Hello, I am in a hackathon right now and we are building a system to cool roofs to reduce energy cost through computer controlled pumps keeping a rooftop always evaporating.

I have the calculations done to determine how long each spray takes to evaporate (how long the pump should run, and how long to wait between iterations). And we have real world experimental proof of this providing substantial cooling impact. But I need to find a way to estimate this using OpenStudio in order to test viability in different climate scenarios.

Can someone please provide some guidance on modifying a model so that the roof always saturated and evaporating? I have run the plain DoE models as a baseline and want to make this one change to compare the energy costs.

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Just to add, I am not in the energy, materials, or architecture industry. We are just a few computer geeks working on this project, so please excuse my ignorance in this domain.

bonfranklin's avatar bonfranklin  ( 2022-09-19 14:02:06 -0600 )edit