sql_file.endUses.get.subCategories() fails? [closed]

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I have a simulation for which I know there are sub-categories, such as "CHW Pumps" and "HW Pumps" under the "Pumps" category - eplustbl.html tells me so. Yet,


reports "General" as the the only sub-category, and

sql_file.endUses.get.getEndUse(fuel_type,category_type,"HW Pumps")

reports 0. And obviously,


reports the right value, but only the total of "CHW Pumps" and "HW Pumps". How can I get to the sub-category values? Also, the OpenStudio 3.4.0 SDK documentation for the EndUses class lists a categories() and a fuelTypes() method as Static Public Member Functions, yet calling, for example:


crashes the measure? Do Static Public Member Functions not get called that way?

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Duplicate of this post.

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