@script for defining parameter causing problems running jeplus+EA for optimization

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I am running optimization using jEPlus+EA, I tested the json file in jEPlus and it works fine. I opened jEPlus+EA through the batch file and opened the same tested json file for optimization. I uploaded the project, clicked start, and checked the simulation manager: local simulation. However, it took forever to initialize and I don't think my computer is actually running the optimization.

I attached the screenshot of the cmd.exe, and I was wondering what is wrong with this.

Thanks in advance. image description


I figured out the cause of this problem: I used @script twice for defining parameters, it works perfectly well in jEPlus, however, in jEPlus+EA , the way to define parameters didn't seem to work. I deleted these two parameters and then EPlus+EA started to run. I was wondering if jEPlus+EA doesn't allow using @script for parameter definition. See the pic below: the highlighted parameter(blue one) is defined using @script, in jEPlus+EA, it shows [0/0] for the parameter(parameter AB0) meaning 0 value while in jEPlus N=1. I think this is where the problem is and I wonder if there is any solution to this.

In case how the @scipt is used for defining paratemer is relevant: it is a simple if/else function to modify the efficiency of pv panles. For example, if parameter A2 is smaller than 19.87, then the efficiency of this PV performance object in the iDF file will be changed to 0 accordingly.

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image description

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Hi qirache! How are you? I think I have the same problem, JEPLUS works fine with python scripts but +EA doesn`t. Could you find a solution? Thanks in advance!

Rafael's avatar Rafael  ( 2023-08-30 05:54:59 -0500 )edit