Airflow Networks w/ WindowAC

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I'm currently modeling residential single family homes in EnergyPlus with a variety of HVAC systems, both central and zonal. I'm currently using an Airflow Network in all cases - for the central systems I'm using "MultizoneWithDistribution" control and for the zonal systems I'm using "MultizoneWithoutDistribution".

Most of the HVAC system results look fine relative to one another (including both central systems and zonal electric resistance baseboard heat), but when I add in a windowAC unit to the baseboard system, the result does not look right. For example, the windowAC unit appears to increase infiltration significantly all year round (~4x), even if I only make it available during the summer months, and the windowAC + baseboard system uses significantly more heat than an electric forced air system in the same home.

Has anyone else experienced an issue similar to this or know why a window AC would have such an effect on the AFN? I was told by a colleague that @Jason DeGraw is particularly familiar with AFNs.

Many thanks, Christian

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Presumably the additional energy use is due to the increased infiltration, but I am not aware of anything in AFN that would necessarily lead to what you're describing. A 4x increase in infiltration is a bit outside of the changes that I'd expect to see off of temperature differences alone, but it is hard to say without looking at the models. Would it be possible to share a couple of your models?

Jason DeGraw's avatar Jason DeGraw  ( 2022-09-13 11:01:24 -0600 )edit

Thanks for the response, Jason. I've pasted links to the files below:

Appreciate the help, Christian

cdouglass's avatar cdouglass  ( 2022-09-13 11:19:14 -0600 )edit