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What kind of energy consumptions are included in "water systems" in Openstudio and EnergyPlus

asked 2015-05-18 21:25:55 -0600

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updated 2015-07-11 09:39:48 -0600

Dear all,

I am trying to model a hot water system in Openstudio in which the water flowrate of the proposed case is 23% lower than the baseline.

From the results, the energy consumption under "pumps" was 23% lower in the proposed case which sounded fair. However,the energy consumption under "water systems" of the proposed case was 50% lower than the baseline.

I am not sure what are included in the "water system" such that a 23% drop in flowrate resulted in a proportionally higher energy saving as all other input parameters in the two models were exactly the same.

I am therefore wondering if that is normal or if I have made a mistake somewhere in the inputs.


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1 Answer

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answered 2015-05-20 15:07:46 -0600

I believe "water systems" includes things like hot water for showers, but not HVAC elements like plant loops. You can get more detail in the EnergyPlus documentation.

All water systems are collected into an end use category called Water Systems . This category includes hot and cold water. Water consumed by an HVAC component will be assigned to the end use category for that component.

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