Why is BCL down and tips for electrification measures?

asked 2022-09-01 10:41:51 -0500

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updated 2022-09-02 09:57:53 -0500

I see a few recent similar questions, but most answers imply that BCL is no longer down but it is not working online, nor do measures populate from within OpenStudio. I am very novice and have a lot to learn as I begin using OpenStudio, it appears you no longer need to register with BCL to get access, but I am trying to figure out if I am missing a step or if, once BCL is online, the measures should show up when I search using OpenStudio?

Additionally, I am hoping to use the DOE reference buildings (through BCL script) to run a series of simulated models to evaluate commercial and multi-family full and partial electrification scenarios. I am now the lead engineer for the City of Denver's Electrification program and I am hoping to utilize this approach to help building owners determine electrification energy costs. Anyone else that would like to have a discussion about electrification or partial electrification, I would love to start the conversation. My personal challenge given my OpenStudio skill level, will be creating models that can simulate partial electrification - specifically, buildings having hydronic systems in addition to unitary or packaged RTU systems. It may likely be the case that building owners will leave hydronic boilers in place and electrify unitary and packaged systems to all electric heat pumps. Hoping I can come up with an approach to this - but I would love to hear how others may be approaching these scenarios or if measures already exist that I may pull from once the BCL is back up and running.

Thanks ahead of time for any insight!

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BCL should be back up, so if it still isn't working for you try turning VPN off or using a different internet connection. For electrification, maybe we can talk outside of this thread about use cases and existing or future measures that might be helpful. While it sounds like at least one outcome is energy savings for individual building owners, I assume there is interested from City of Denver on impact to building stock. Using data from End Use Load Profiles, or a similar modeling workflow may better represent multi-building impact, because of modeling of variability of bldg. characteristics.

David Goldwasser's avatar David Goldwasser  ( 2022-09-06 10:42:54 -0500 )edit

Thanks David, yes I’d be happy to connect. Appreciate you getting back to me. I’ll reach out via LinkedIn

Mhayes's avatar Mhayes  ( 2022-09-06 13:17:38 -0500 )edit