Seeking DesignBuilder expert and mechanical engineer for hourly project consulting [closed]

asked 2022-08-20 13:45:44 -0600

Hi all,

We are looking for an ace DesignBuilder simulation expert in HVAC systems (ASHP, WSHP, unitary systems and hydronic radiant heating) who can provide an expert review of our models. Ideally a mechanical engineer. I’d like to get a second set of eyes on our HVAC inputs. (We are good on the loads side.). This would involve a Teams meeting with shared screens, perhaps 2-3 hours in total. We need this service every once in a while, and I'm happy to pay for it. But I need a modeler on top of their game and current on the DesignBuilder interface.

Kindly provide any leads to and mention the hourly rate too. Thank you so much! Have a good afternoon.


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@Smita Chandra Thomas Unmet Hours does not currently support postings for positions or consultation requests. Please use other services (Bldg-sim email list, IBPSA-USA job board, IBPSA-USA BEST Directory, etc.) instead.

Aaron Boranian's avatar Aaron Boranian  ( 2022-08-25 12:15:48 -0600 )edit