Boiler:HotWater Outlet setpoint [closed]

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Boiler:HotWater, Main Boiler, !- Name NaturalGas, !- Fuel Type ConstantFlow, !- Boiler Flow Mode 1.0; !- Sizing Factor

  _boiler_outlet_actuator =
        state, "System Node Setpoint", "Temperature Setpoint", "Main Boiler HW Outlet"), _boiler_outlet_actuator, 70)

I have the above definition: 1. Try to control the outlet water temperature of one constant speed Boiler:HotWater. However, it didn't work. Can you please provide any insights how to control the heating power from Boiler (For the entire building)?

Thank you!

Update:Aug 19, 2022. It turns out the _boiler_outlet_actuator defined in my python code has been used in the Setpoint:Manager. After deleting the Setpoint:Manager in the idf file, my strategy worked.

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