Does anyone have an issue generating a standard model using the T24 navigator in IES VE?

asked 2022-08-16 16:32:25 -0600

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updated 2022-08-16 17:07:54 -0600

Hi all,

While running the annual energy simulation in the Title 24 navigator, everything runs smoothly except for the Radiance sensors for the standard model


The process remains at 0% complete for hours and does not progress.

Could anyone shed light on why this could be happening? I would appreciate suggestions on resolving this issue so I can gett a report at the end of the simulation.

Thank you, KPai

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I'd suggest reaching out to for software-specific errors like this. It's very hard to troubleshoot that here, and IES' support team is very good.

Greg Collins's avatar Greg Collins  ( 2022-08-22 22:08:51 -0600 )edit

We have run across this same issue and if there is a solution or cause it would be great to post publically.

Neil Bulger's avatar Neil Bulger  ( 2022-09-12 10:29:30 -0600 )edit