plant loop setpoint manager and compressor setpoint temperature

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Hi there, I am working on an air-to-water heat pump with a buffer tank for heating, see the diagram attached.

I defined a SetpointManager to control the water temperature at the supply outlet node of the water plant loop to be always at 35 degree C.

Now I am a bit confused about the relationship between the Aux HW Loop Setpoint Manager and the setpoint temperature of the compressor for the water heater heat pump and how can I set the setpoint temperature for compressors. According to the reference: "The heat pump compressor cycles off when the tank water reaches this set point temperature. Once the heat pump compressor cycles off, the tank water temperature floats downward until it falls below the set point temperature minus the dead band temperature difference defined below. At this point, the heat pump compressor cycles on and remains on until the heat pump compressor set point temperature is reached."

I was wondering in this case with this fixed SetpointManager how can I define the value of the setpoint temperature of the compressor of HP and the deadband temperature.

Thanks in advance.

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