Using Energyplus "Building" component to meter multiple buildings in one idf file

asked 2022-08-01 14:40:48 -0500

Hello community.

Working on a project with multiple buildings/towers in one idf file. I am hoping to set up the simulation with one file but meter the usage from different towers separately for end uses. I am not sure if there is a way, with direct idf editing, to assign multiple building components then assign thermal zones belonging to that building as a way of grouping all energy use associated with that building. Setting up meters and variable names to read the energy from the corresponding thermal zones in a building can be a tedious work.

I just don't see anywhere in the syntax of a "Zone" or "Zonelist" a tag or placeholder for assign these zones to a different building even though the meters in the mdd file suggest one can meter electricity at "facility" versus "building" level.

Should mention I am still on the E+ 9.5 version and trying this so not sure if this capability is added in newest releases?

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