Why is the zone component report showing massive delayed sensible loads?

asked 2022-06-02 08:33:43 -0500

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This is an OpenStudio/EnergyPlus project featuring light frame residential construction with a building overall window to wall ratio over 30%. Also, for all adjacent zones, the surfaces were matched, rather than set as adiabatic. I ran the simulation 2 ways, with no people in a recreation room then with 4 people in the recreation room. In the latter case, the zone component load report shows a sensible instant load of 130.49 W and a sensible delayed load of -7958.1 W. Also the delayed Fenestration Solar component load shows -119395 W.

In the former case, as expected, there is no people load. There is a small difference in the delayed Fenestration Solar component load which shows -95702.3 W.

From a reporting perspective, the only explainable reports are the Peak Cooling Condition Report which show the peak sensible load as being 519.17 W with the 4 people and a peak sensible load as being 336.85 with no people.

Given that the Zone Component Load report is an estimate, Is there any explanation for these large delayed loads?

I have attached screen shot of the output for the case with 4 people in the zone.image description Thank you.!

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