Use simulation timestep in BDL expression

asked 2022-05-19 12:51:11 -0500

Drew Morrison's avatar

Does anyone know of a way to retrieve the calendar information of a simulation timestep and incorporate it into a BDL expression? I’ve searched the library of BDL functions and there doesn’t seem to be anything like that except #DOW (DayOfWeek). I want to write an expression to determine a schedule value based on the “location” in the calendar year. To give a pseudo-example of what I’m looking for:

Schedule value = C1cos(f(month)) + C2sin(f(day of month)) + C3*sin(f(hour of day))

I’ve ransacked the eQuest documentation and I can’t seem to find anything. Is there something I’ve overlooked, or perhaps a different approach to doing this like an input macro?

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