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designbuilder wont load 2D files

asked 2022-04-29 02:31:40 -0600

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updated 2022-05-02 01:52:44 -0600

I am unable to load 2D files in my Designbuilder file, both in existing files and new ones. With Dxf I get the error: DXF Import [out of range]. With PDF and JPEG files I click on finish and there is simply no file. What am I doing wrong and how can it easily be fixed?

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This is normally a simple and reliable process, so I suspect you're missing a step. What version of DB are you using? Are you able to send your 2D files so I can try?

Jim Dirkes's avatar Jim Dirkes  ( 2022-04-30 05:12:47 -0600 )edit

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answered 2022-05-06 08:47:31 -0600

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It is important to make sure that 2D file is closed on 3rd party apps before trying to load it into DB.

Only one page and simple PDF's are supported. It is also recommended to simplify the DXF file and remove unnecessary layers.

In some cases it is required to re-save the PDF with a new name when this file has been created from a scanner app.

Machines running with integrated cards may run out of memory when loading large 2D files. Enabling DB to run with the dedicated GPU generally fixes this.

See KB article : How to check if the computer has a dedicated graphics card ?

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