HVAC simulation crashes during sizing

asked 2022-04-05 07:28:45 -0500

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Hi all,

I am simulating a large model with a central boiler plant room which feeds two different circuits - one for regular wall radiators (ZoneHVAC:Baseboard:Convective:Water) operating at 60-80ºC, and another one for radiative ceiling panels (ZoneHVAC:LowTemperatureRadiant:VariableFlow) at 40-60ºC.

When I run the model, the file crashes during the heating sizing but does not give any error on the log. I´ve managed to catch this error during simulation time:

image description

A subsample of the model with all the zones+radiators and only 1 zone with ceiling panels simulates well, but when I add all the ZoneHVAC:LowTemperatureRadiant:VariableFlow to multiple zones, the file crashes.

What would be the best way to diagnose the file? I'm a bit confused by the lack of errors on the .err log, and the fact that all the plant loops work well for one Zone with ZoneHVAC:LowTemperatureRadiant:VariableFlow, but crash when I add several instances of them (~15).

OS, idf and .err file can be found here if they help.

Thanks, Rafael

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