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Which simulator is the best in the describing of the thermal behavior of buildings? TRNSYS or EnergyPlus?

asked 2014-10-24 08:18:36 -0600

Fatima gravatar image

updated 2014-10-24 16:48:19 -0600

Which simulators is the best in the describing of the thermal behavior of the buildings! TRNSYS or EnergyPlus?

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@Fatima can you provide a little bit more background in the body of your questions instead of repeating the title? It will help others know what kind of answer you are looking for while also showing what you have already found when searching for an answer before you ask them on Unmet Hours. Thanks!

Neal Kruis gravatar image Neal Kruis  ( 2014-10-24 08:44:01 -0600 )edit

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answered 2014-10-27 09:11:50 -0600

Archmage gravatar image

TRNSYS is considered stronger than EnergyPlus for modeling some types of complex mechanical systems, but for just the building's thermal behavior, I think EnergyPlus has a slight advantage. For example, if the exterior envelope is such that it should do some self shading, then in EnergyPlus the surface shading is automatically determined from the geometry, but in TRNSYS Type 56 you would have to also set up additional shading fins. EnergyPlus has a more rigorous (and slower) model for interior thermal radiation enabling it to handle cases where the building's thermal behavior is closely coupled to the behavior of radiation-based mechanical systems.

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