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Hi All

I have just started performing energy simulations with honey bee. So far, I did an energy simulation without any HVAC system and obtained simulation results with IDEAL air loads system, as expected. Now, even when I selected an HVAC system (not ideal loads) from honeybee HVAC system list and connected it with Honeybee_assign HVAC system, the CSV simulation results file continue to show non-null values under district cooling, null under cooling- electricity etc., and I am still getting HVAC summary for ideal loads.

Please see: zone HVAC params under EP output is set to true. However, I have not entered the cooling and air details for Honeybee_assign HVAC system component, assuming that the selected HVAC system will take default values.

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Please help. Any input would be of great help.

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@Val G it looks like your image didn't attach correctly. Can you please try again?

Aaron Boranian's avatar Aaron Boranian  ( 2022-03-14 13:42:05 -0600 )edit

You may want to consider posting your honeybee questions to https://discourse.ladybug.tools

Mostapha Roudsari's avatar Mostapha Roudsari  ( 2022-03-14 14:04:00 -0600 )edit