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OpenStudio Cloud Management Console shows OpenStudio (CLI) version error

asked 2022-03-10 15:16:13 -0500

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updated 2022-03-11 08:57:23 -0500


While debugging a failed PAT job, I noticed the OpenStudio Cloud Management Console admin tab showed an error finding the OpenStudio (CLI) version:

Server Information
Version of OpenStudio Server: 3.3.0
Version of OpenStudio (CLI): Error executing argv: ["--bundle", "/var/oscli/Gemfile", "--bundle_path", "/var/oscli/gems", "--bundle_without", "native_ext", "openstudio_version" Error: cannot load such file -- tmpdir in :/ruby/2.7.0/gems/bundler-2.1.4/lib/bundler.rb:769. . .

The remote server is running OpenStudio-server in an AWS kubernetes cluster. It was set up following these instructions:

Looking through the OpenStudio-server code, it seems like the 'OPENSTUDIO_EXE_PATH' environment variable may not be getting set properly (index.html.erb L75 -> admin_controller.rb L49 -> oss.rb L26 -> openstudio_meta), although I may be missing a distinction here between code that is run locally vs. on a remote server.

Any help understanding this better/figuring out next steps would be appreciated, thanks!

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1 Answer

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answered 2022-03-15 10:53:50 -0500

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It looks like this is a minor bug in OpenStudio-server (see and likely unrelated to the PAT job failing.

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