Using HAMT model in EnergyPlus resulting in the model not using the HVAC System

asked 2022-03-03 16:51:32 -0600

Hello All,

I'm exploring using the HAMT model in EnergyPlus and am finding that when I use it the model does not seem to use its HVAC system as there's no associated HVAC energy. I don't see anything in the documentation related to this and am wondering if anyone has encountered a similar issue. I've put the IDF on OneDrive if anyone would like to look at it:

Of note is that I'm trying to use SurfaceProperty:HeatTransferAlgorithm:MultipleSurface so that I'm only using the HAMT model for the surfaces that I'm interested in and only need to define HAMT material properties for those constructions. Also when I run the model just using the CTF heat balance algorithm it does use the HVAC system.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue?

Thank you for your time, Gabriel

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