Putting Fans between adjacent zones and between a zone and ambient using the Airflow Network

asked 2022-02-24 23:06:50 -0500

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If there is a door separating two zones, there might be some leakage/infiltration from one zone to the other. Let us say, I want to put a fan between the two zones to force infiltrate more air. For instance, fan #1 to deliver air from zone A to zone B, and then add another fan #2 to deliver air from zone B to A? Similarly, if I want to put a supply fan(constant volume) between a zone and ambient. Let us say one wants to change the fan speed to flesh out more/less air from the zone to ambient. Does EnergyPlus allow direct control of the air exchange rate between zone and ambient?

If yes, which input objects can I use in order to achieve this setup? I have tried a couple of things including updating some input objects I think are necessary, but I am still getting significant severe and fatal errors.

Please note that I want to implement this setup through the Airflow network which is a bit complex. I would have loved to upload the IDF file I am working with, but I am not sure how to upload it here since I couldn't attach it through the attachment option provided by unmet hours.

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