EnergyPlus AWHP output variables

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Hello all,

I have created the following plant loop as an air-to-water heat pump serves for SH purpose, the end heat emitters are convective radiators. The model can run successfully, however, I want to know which of the variables or meters indicate the elecrtrictiy used by the AWHP and the heat output by AWHP? Is the Other Subcategory in water system the elecrtrictiy used by the AWHP?

image descriptionimage description

I am now picking WaterSystems:Electricity for the former one and Heating:EnergyTransfer for the latter one. Or there is any table for the values?

And someone told me that my model is wrong since the buffer tank (waterheater:mixed, subcategory as Water heater) instead of the AWHP is working for all the heat demand and therefore the AWHP did not operate at all, is he correct? Since if I increase my operative temperature of AWHP to 30oC and change the buffer tank fuel to Natural Gas, it ends up the water heater use 4000kwh Natural Gas and Other use 0kwh. Thank you for any answer.

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