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Error in header - Weather file(Elements)

asked 2022-02-02 01:49:06 -0600

Prethvi Raj's avatar

updated 2022-02-19 08:07:39 -0600

Hi, I edited a weather file(.epw) using the elements software and the following error appears when I tried loading it back into Design-Builder.

"Error Reading header" and the weather file could not be loaded. Can you guide me with this issue?

Regards, Prethvi Raj, Building Performance Analyst, TRAJECT Advisors and Managers.

The weather file with elements: The error from Design Builder: C:\fakepath\Error Reading Header.jpg

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1 Answer

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answered 2022-02-02 08:33:26 -0600

Elements 1.0.6 and below saves modified EPW files using a "line-feed" line ending. However, we have heard in the past that DesignBuilder does not load EPW files that use that line ending style directly -- I believe they are expecting a "carriage-return, line-feed" sequence similar to Windows. We hope to fix this discrepancy in a future release of Elements (as a disclaimer, I help develop Elements).

It is my understanding that an easy way to get around this is to use the "Hourly weather data tool" within DesignBuilder itself. This tool will import the EPW file created by Elements and, in the process, fixes the line-ending discrepancy.

image description

Be sure that you don't have the "Change filename ..." option checked when you use the Hourly weather data tool as it can create problems for the generated file if your location name uses extended characters (e.g., characters with accents) in the name.

image description

Note: these screenshots are from an older version of DesignBuilder (around 2017). Hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot, Michael.!!!!

Prethvi Raj's avatar Prethvi Raj  ( 2022-02-02 09:11:22 -0600 )edit

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