Preconditioned dehumidified air in thermal zone

asked 2022-01-30 09:17:43 -0600

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updated 2022-01-31 09:32:21 -0600

Hello, I would like to simulate an evaporative cooling system in combination with dehumidification. Specifically, I imagined to have two air inlets in a room, out of one comes cooled and humidified air, from the other predried air. The mixing should take place directly in the room and the main goal is to ensure comfort criteria. I started using the Evaporative Research Special in an AirLoop with Openstudio. As a dehumidifer I had to take the DX Dehumidifier as Zone Equipment, because I did not find a comparable dryer as an AirLoop device. However, I would prefer to do it with two AirLoops which both connected to the same thermal zone. Is there a device with which I can dehumidify the air in an AirLoop? As an idea came to me otherwise to condition one zone with the zone equipment and then put my actual zone in series. As I understand it, this could be achieved with Zone Mixing in E+. But in Openstudio it is not possible yet isnt´t it? Otherwise, would you have any ideas on how I elegantly represent these two sources and sinks in Openstudio? Thank you very much!

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