Setpoint Manager Outdoor Air Reset does not work?

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I am using OpenStudio Application 1.2.1, which runs OpenStudio 3.2.1, I suppose, and EnergyPlus 9.5? Trying to use Setpoint Manager Outdoor Air Reset for chilled water loop. I have seen in this forum that it should work on chilled water loops, but I have also seen a post where this might have worked in earlier versions of EnergyPlus, but not later versions? Thought I'd ask before I sink too many hours into this? Per the following image, the CHWST does seem to reset between 44 oF and 48 oF, BUT the cooling energy consumption barely moves - from 668.2 GJ and 5.0 GJ without reset to 667.61 GJ and 5.11 GJ with reset for cooling and pumps. The reset time span is not insubstantial, and the chiller COP should improve during that reset time span. But the following image seems to show - if anything - a slightly lower COP during reset?

image description

I am using the following curves straight out of PNNL ASHRAE 90.1-2016 PRM Reference Manual, converted from IP to SI:

CapFT c0=1.021515800 c1=0.037035864 c2=0.000233248 c3=-0.003894048 c4=-0.000065254 c5=-0.000268045

EIRFT c0=0.701768570 c1=-0.004520160 c2=0.000533110 c3=-0.005498208 c4=0.000544579 c5=-0.000729032

EIRFPLR c0=0.06369119 c1=0.58488832 c2=0.35280274

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