Longwave radiation from surface to surface [closed]

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I have an E+ model that includes 2 thermal zones (Zone 1 and Zone 2) connected via an airwall (open air connection). I wanted to output for each surface of the model the longwave radiation (thermal) received from the rest of the surfaces (surfaces of both Zones 1 and 2). I found in the input/output reference a variable called "Surface Inside Face Net Surface Thermal Radiation Heat Gain Rate", which is described as "the heat transferred by longwave infrared thermal radiation exchanges between the inside faces of other surfaces in the zone". So I had 2 questions: Does that mean that for a surface X in Zone 1 this output variable does not consider the long-wave radiation emitted by surfaces of Zone 2? Can I output the long-wave radiation received from each one of the other surfaces, i.e. for a given surface, know how much radiation it received by each of the other surfaces?

Any advice would be highly appreciated.

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